I'm a freelance travel and lifestyle photographer living in Nashville, TN. I got my Visual Communications degree from Nashville State Community College in 2016, but my love for both travel and photography were discovered on my first international trip in 2009. So far I have traveled through Central America, Brazil, England, North Eastern Africa, the Caribbean, and the USA - all with a camera in hand. 

Even with my many opportunities abroad, there is still the never-ending desire to further my travels - to go deeper, to see clearer, to understand new cultures, to meet new people, to taste new cuisines, and to record it all through the lens. This passion drives my photography, and the narrative of the cultures I experience give my images their life. I take images to bring back their stories, because I believe photographs have power to speak in all languages - and whether that photograph speaks one word or one thousand, it has a voice. 

When I'm not traveling the world and taking pictures, I'm roasting coffee, hiking, and planning my next adventure with my love, Nathan. To learn more about me, my travels, and my work, please Contact me. 

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